Daisy01 (12)T

Dogs Republic is about classic, vintage and authentic Mid 20th Century and modern European and Australian Design with an emphasis on specific and restored Tessa chairs such as the iconic T21 and T2 which we reupholster in top quality leather. We are always sourcing other particular vintage and authentic Australian designs from Parker, Danish Deluxe, Fler and Fred Lowen. Of particular interest to us are the remarkable mid 20th Century emigrant designers such as Dario Zoureff, Jakob Rudowski, and Paul and Michael Rosta of Rosando Brothers fame.

Dogs Republic also has a strong interest in the great Scandinavian designers such as Hans Wegner, Borg Morgensen, Hans Olsen, Ib Kofod Larsen, Grete Jalk, Ingmar Relling, Arne Vodder and many others.